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"Unable to Comply (U2C)"; a term in aviation radio communication in a situation where a pilot cannot carry out the instructions given by flight command.

With our head office based in Sal, Cabo Verde, we bring the world of aviation to you, as close as you can handle it!

Unable 2 Comply is a start-up Aviation Service Facilitator.

Who can fly with us?

Starting from 3+ years old (provided your child speaks English or Dutch and is motivated to learn), we will start with simulator game play. The perfect babysit adrenalin fix during your holiday at Cabo Verde!

Starting from 16+ we will offer theory ground school lessons in preparation to obtain a (Private Pilot License) PPL licence.

We are specialised in offering people the thrill of learning how to fly where we focus on the flying experience and not just on obtaining a pilotís licencelicense.

Our flight instructors will teach you all the basics, saftey instructions, intermediate flying skills aspects that you want to master and always keep you in a safe and fun environment!

Fun without pressure that keeps body and mind in top condition!

Do yo have a PPL?

  • After a successful check ride, you can hire an airplane and fly solo.
  • We offer transition training
  • we offer time sharing in order to make hours at the lowest cost

Come Fly with us... Soon...

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